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Downtown Brown "Grabbleton's Beach" CD

Image of Downtown Brown "Grabbleton's Beach" CD


Culminating a perfect mix between
rock, punk, funk and experimental,
the shape-shifting entity known as
DOWNTOWN BROWN has forged a
diverse sound that is as fully
developed as well as it is broadly
enjoyable. DTB has hypnotized
thousands throughout the country
with their highly-entertaining live
shows, long pursuing a grassroots
mission to unite the people of the
world in an environment where
"no man shall feel stupid for
wearing a giant foam cowboy hat."
Their quest has hammered on since
2001, with numerous independent
albums to boot - all of which have
garnered strong reviews from both
national and international publications

"A marvel to behold. In the league
of bands like Mr. Bungle, NOFX
and Gwar."
-Skratch Magazine

1. Dr. Mantis
2. Grabbleton's Beach
3. BABY!!
4. I Got a Poot in my Boot
5. Every Time the Wind Blows
6. Vagina Bombz
7. Ron's Town
8. Thx 4 the Mammaries
9. Get Ur Wobble On
10. Finkle
11. Meatwave
12. Rocket Appliances
13. Doin Fine
14. Heroin
15. Neebo's Revenge
16. A Song for the People
17. Friend Zone
18. Grabbleton's Reprise
19. The Pinnacle