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JFA "Speed of Sound" CD

Image of JFA "Speed of Sound" CD


On the eve of the bands 30th
anniversary, DC-Jam Records
is proud to bring you JFA’s first
new studio release in over 12
years titled “Speed of Sound”.
Recorded earlier this year in
Southern California and supported
by two new music videos, this
record is sure to please even
their most discriminating fans.
With in your face vocals, and fast
skate anthems that clock in at
around two minutes each, it’s
like a leap though time that will
take the listener back to the punk
rock days of the early 80’s.

“Could be the bands
best material ever”

1.Danny Sargeant's Trucks
2.Party Like the Amish
3.You Can't Surf
4.Fortune Favors the Brave
6.16 Hippies
7.Can't Go Back
8.Sponsored Guy
10.Nanny State
11.Bow to No Man
12.I Hate Chocolate Cake
13.Number 7
14.Do you Know This Man
15.My Wife
16.Mayan Calendar