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Rudy Schwartz Project "Don't Get Charred... Get Puffy!"

Image of Rudy Schwartz Project "Don't Get Charred... Get Puffy!"


The long lost release from the golden era of The Rudy Schwartz Project. This reissue includes everything from the hard to find 1992 German CD release, remastered using modern, lubricated, technologically advanced extension pods, plus snazzy new artwork and packaging. Not to mention four extra tracks. Available exclusively from this web site. This is a very limited pressing, and once they're gone, that's it.

1. Visiting L.A.? Why Not Castrate a Cop?
2. Invasion of the Chrome Fish People
3. Barbecue Bud's
4. Moammar's Tractor
5. Strip Naked, You Sweet Maggot
6. Cha Cha With Me, Doodles
7. Condoms #1
8. Creation Science Polka
9. Las Bragas
10. An Orange is Nothing But a Juicy Pumpkin
11. Django's Waffle Apparatus
12. Cracklin' Rosie
13. Nasty Onion Juice Boy
14. Another Surge of Pacific Moisture
15. Turn Out the Lights (And Let My Vomit Come Through)
16. The Black Page
17. Mustapha
18. Perfect Egg Salad Every Time
19. Do-Me-Do Duds
20. Don't Pull Your Love
21. Ernest Borgnine Memorial Birthday Party
22. Mr. Peacock
23. Kill For God