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Rudy Schwartz Project "The Year They Switched to Cornmeal"

Image of Rudy Schwartz Project "The Year They Switched to Cornmeal"


With their second release of new material after a fifteen year hiatus, The Rudy Schwartz Project ejaculates "The Year They Switched To Cornmeal," and sends it barreling toward a distracted public like an eighty foot wave of scalding mutton broth, washing over an auditorium full of disreputable mortgage

The Project's new disc explores the historical significance of "The Year They Switched To Cornmeal" with a dozen toe-tapping, hip shaking peculiarities that will have your parents or co-workers reaching for their prescription sedatives within seconds. It includes heartfelt exhibitions of respect for Sarah Palin's bodily secretions, Abraham Lincoln, and rabbits who repair and/or replace sheet rock, making it sure to become a treasured part of any home music library.

1. Bagpipe Benny
2. Cockadoodledoo
3. The Surrey With the Durable Gelatin Sock
4. Puncho the Clown
5. On the Boardwalk (In Atlantic City)
6. Taters Done Gone Ta Sprout
7. Hoppy the Sheetrock Bunny
8. Abe
9. On n'a pas tous les jours vingt ans
10. The Year They Switched to Cornmeal
11. Sarah Palin Pussy Juice
12. Bow Wow Blues