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The Heard "Genesis" CD

Image of The Heard "Genesis" CD

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Word Absurd, Irekdis, Fable,
G-Irth, and MCS, control the
powerful empire known as
The Heard. Word Absurd lives
inside of a forest filled with
cats where he prepares sounds
to be recorded upon elegant
equipment. His influenced has
passed through multitudes of
Chicago acts with inpalpable
rhyming and raucious percussion.

1. Intro
2. Interplanetary Hip-Hop
3. Electricity
4. Fresh
5. Love the Way
6. Ode to the Thief
7. Get that Loving On
8. Lady PIMP
9. Shake Butt
10. MoonShine
11. Ya HEARD
12. Ro Sham Bo
13. Dr.Diglow
14. Keep on Rockin
15. Time to Shine