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V/A "DC-Jam Skate Rock Vol. 1" Double CD set

Image of V/A "DC-Jam Skate Rock Vol. 1" Double CD set

$10.00 - On Sale

DC-Jam Skate Rock Vol. 1 on
a two set CD. This All Star
roster includes: JFA,
Government Issue, The Big
Boys, The Swingin' Utters,
New Skool Kings, McRad,
Pezz, Naked Lady Wrestlers,
Fishbone, Trusty, Psycho,
The Dwarves, Frontside Five,
Minus-One, Painted Willie,
The Copyrights, Narcoleptic
Youth, The Party Downers,
The Heard, Venomous, The
American Werewolves,
300 Pounds, Off With Their
Heads!, Disastroid, The
Rudy Schwartz Project,
Neutralboy, Wednesday
Night Heroes, Whatever
Dude!, The Suspects DC,
and Plan 9.

1 Rudy Schwartz Project - Thanks For Calling
2 American Werewolves -1968
3 JFA -Great Equalizer
4 Plan 9 -War Of The Worlds
5 Big Boys -Baby, Let's Play God
6 Dwarves -Downey Jr.
7 Copyrights -Shit's Fucked
8 Frontside Five -Nuclear Solution
9 Fishbone -Jack Ass Brigade
10 Pezz -Pimp Caesar
11 Painted Willie -Response/pig Farm
12 Venomous -The Lottery
13 Minus-One -The Kid's Don't Skate Here
14 Disastroid -Three Strikes
15 Naked Lady Wrestlers -Husky & Starch
16 Narcoleptic Youth -Mini Van Soccer Mom
17 Mcrad -Intro/dub Son
18 Psycho -Religious
19 Swingin' Utters -Annual Pimple
20 Government Issue -Notch To My Crotch
21 New Skool Kings -Here To Stay
22 Party Downers -Rock-n-roll Party Down
23 300 Pounds -Sick Sick Feeling
24 Whatever Dude! -Silly Girls
25 Trusty -We Know
26 Rudy Schwartz Project -Jimmy Swaggart
27 Off With Their Heads! -I Am You
28 Nuetralboy -Duck Mother Fucker
29 Wednesday Night Heroes -Fit The Description
30 New Skool Kings -Minority
31 Copyrights -She Turns It Up
32 Heard -Ya Heard
33 JFA -We Know You Suck
34 Government Issue -Snubbing
35 Big Boys -Fun, Fun Fun
36 Psycho -Vertigo
37 Narcoleptic Youth -Headcase
38 Plan 9 -Blood
39 Venomous -You Know How This Works
40 Naked Lady Wrestlers -Up & Down The Fort
41 Minus-one -Out Of The Darkness
42 300 Pounds -Butcher
43 Mcrad -Dub For Su
44 Heard -Dr Diglow
45 Frontside Five -Killing Time
46 Neutralboy -Wrong Words, Right Time, All The Time
47 American Werewolves -The Devils Angels
48 Pezz -Smothered
49 Disastroid -Baby With The Laser Beam Eys
50 Fishbone -Let Dem Ho's Fight
51 Trusty -Trusty
52 Suspects Dc -Answer The Call